A Beautiful Blogger Award

Much to my surprise when reading today post from Novice Journal I learned that I had been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award.   I accept, thank you very much.  I will try to follow the rules set out, but would like to add my own little twist.

worn out, peacefully sleeping

The three rules are as follow:

  1. Write something about the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Tell seven things about yourself
  3. Nominate other bloggers.  No number or other details were listed here, so this is where I am going to take my liberties and do something slightly different.

First, Novice Journal is one of my favorite blogs for inspiration.  I go there daily to see beautiful photography of nature, although there is more than just nature pictures, check it out for yourself, the photos are absolutely gorgeous. Reading though you will also find wonderful poems self authored as well.   Art lifts my spirits and there are few out there who do it as well as Novice Journal.  It was really hard to choose, but here is my favorite photo.

As for those 7 things about myself:

  1. I have a really warped sense of humor, I just try to keep a lid on it online.
  2. My favorite food: well it’s a group of foods I LOVE fruit. If I had to pick one it would be peaches.
  3. The one place I have no desire to visit again is Los Angeles, sorry don’t mean to offend anyone who lives there, it just isn’t me.
  4. I love lizards. Miss them living in the Northeast as we don’t have them here.
  5. My goal is to live the way Native Americans did where they shared everything and lived as a tight community.
  6. I have an alarm clock, but it isn’t a clock, I’m woken every morning by the geese flying over the apartment building on the way to the lake.
  7. Something I am working very hard on is to not be a perfectionist.  I tend to not want to do something if I can’t do it perfectly.

Holding on to the money

Now for the bloggers I am supposed to nominate.  I thought I would do something different here.  Instead of nominating blogs, I thought I would list a few of my favorite posts by various bloggers.

  1. 18 ways to play with bits of nature by Little Eco Footprints.  Not only are the ideas ingenious, but the accompanying photos are sure to make you smile like they did me.
  2. Grocery shopping or how I got run out of the store by a little old lady by Change for the Better.  This story had me laughing so hard I could barely read the post.
  3. David at Raptitude wrote a post that speaks to simplicity check out I don’t want stuff any more I only want things.
  4. Building our own sustainable future by Creative Savv should be required reading for all young people just starting out.
  5. Linda who writes Good Haven Good Life  has several inspiring articles but the ones that draw me in are the ones  about her son who has Down’s Syndrome.  My favorite cousin had down’s as well.  In this post that I want to share Linda shows that living simply also leaves room for community in Un-intentional community.
  6. What do American’s spend their money on? Is a great post by Minimalist Lifestyle. I would argue with some of the facts in the article, but reading it made me question where I spend my money, making me smile when I see areas that I drastically cut my spending.

Newest member of the family

Well, there were no rules for the number of blogs to nominate so I’m going to leave it at six.  if I didn’t nominate you it wasn’t because I don’t enjoy your blogs, and if I nominated you the last time I was nominated I thought I would give someone else a nod this time.

I hope you enjoy the above posts as much as I have.  What are your favorite posts out there?

20 thoughts on “A Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your award! I was very flattered to be nominated and delighted to hear that you have such a good relationship with your cousin. I’ve been struggling with finding the time to do the list of posts in my head, so I think I may turn this one down at the moment. Thank you so much and thanks for being a regular commenter. I love hearing from you!

    • Ah no, My son got his children, okay it’s mainly his daughters, a cat now that they own their own home. Her name is Princess Kitty. It’s really funny because the tomboy now shows up in frilly dresses because the kitty “likes me to wear dresses, not pants, so she can sleep on me” and takes the cat every where she can. So the cat is now a guest in my home regularly.

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate it! I will check out your other nominees also! Thanks again!

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