Change the World Wednesday, Lights

Before I get to this week’s challenge I had a lovely day. The sun was shining brightly and I took care of a few errands.  The children joined me at the local thrift shop (I needed a few things) of course when they are with me I end up buying more than what is on my list.

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The children have been doing chores to earn money and this week helped with sorting the recyclables from the trash, picking up litter, feeding the birds along with watching my indoor plants and watering them when needed.  For this I gave them each $0.75.  My grandson bought 2 shirts and a puzzle, his sister purchased a throw pillow with Sleeping Beauty on it a summer top and a puzzle.

My purchases included a never worn dress for the youngest granddaughter as her mom told me she’s running out of clothes which fit her.  This still had the original price tag on it of $32, I purchased it for $2.  I picked up a picture frame, 3 summer tops (needed as I cleaned out my summer clothing), a 24 pack of colored pencils for the young artist, an alphabet bingo game for rainy days,  and six books (these will be passed around then returned to the thrift shop or the library)  Total cost for my purchases $6.25.  Can’t beat that.


Back to this week’s challenge from Reduce Footprints.  Unfortunately this is something I don’t have much, if any control over.

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Finding Simplicity with Christy: Guest Post

What is simple living?  Does it really mean you have to reject technology or move back to the land?  Better question is, if I am drawn to a simple lifestyle how do I accomplish the changes needed?   What I finally realized is that we can define  simple living any way we want, the point is to find that perfect balance that makes us feel our best.

Today I have a special treat for you.  Christy from The Simple White Rabbit is here to tell us how she came across simple living and how she has applied the concepts to her and her family’s life and why.

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We have a winner and a new Giveaway

Last week I offered a new copy of Collapsing Consciously, today is one person’s lucky day.  And the winner is:



Congratulations Elaine, you can email me at loisfield12 at yahoo dot com to let me know where to mail your book. I hope you enjoy it. (Note: if you read this earlier I announced Mary was the winner, but she contacted me to let me know she lives overseas and therefore wasn’t eligible.)

Today I have another giveaway. This one is open to anyone any where in the world.  Yep not leaving anyone out today.

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The Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

Today I want to welcome Jaclyn who shares some important information on the benefits of solar panels for homeowners.   Along with saving energy I thought you might like to know the newer Philips Flat LEd bulbs, called SlimStyle will soon be available for a very generous rebate making them as low in price as $1.97 each (depending on your state). I hear it will be this week or the next, but a quick call to Home Depot can give you the exact date.   You can order yours at Home Depot or pick them up at your local Home Depot store where you will find the rebates.  Original price was $8.97 so still a good deal.

 The Benefits of Residential Solar Panels:


Across the United States, many residential areas and businesses – both large and small – have begun turning to solar energy to help power office buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, homes, and much more. In fact, there have been notable technological advances in relation to the solar power industry during recent years as more and more people are keen to try out different environmentally friendly alternatives. Most notably, there has been a steady increase in homeowners living in sunny areas around the world who have turned to solar power, such as residents living in Australia, the south of France, or the American west coast.

After the preliminary expenditure, residential rooftop solar panels that encounter high levels of sunshine will harness this energy and convert it into electricity to power elements around their property, such as the lighting in your driveway and backyard pool area, or warming the water you use when you take a shower. Solar panels do not have to always be mounted onto the roof of a house or building, although this is the usual place to maximize exposure to the sun’s rays. However, solar panels can also be set up in any flat, uncovered area, such as the backyard. Therefore, if you are interested in solar panels but do not like how they look on the roof of a residential property, be aware that there are other options available.

Due to the slow rise of traditional energy prices, studies have shown that cost-effective solar power usage has increased at a rate of just over 15 percent every year. The efficacy of a solar panel depends on a few elements, such as its size and whereabouts it is placed. Where your home is situated can be a deal breaker, though the majority of solar panels can work all year round if situated in the correct way and at the appropriate angle.

Over a 20-year period, the average savings for solar panel owners are typically projected to be around $20,000, while residents living in extremely sun-kissed North American states like Florida, California and Arizona may save more than $28,000 on average. Even Northeastern states such as Pennsylvania are reaping the rewards: “Solar power in Pennsylvania is estimated to be capable of providing 12% of electricity used in Pennsylvania, using 20,000 MW of solar panels.”1 A Pennsylvania-based reporter writing for even took the time to discuss his family’s experience of using residential solar panels in an article titled One Year With Solar Energy at Home: Mostly Sunny.

A solar panel installation can not only increase your home’s market value, but is also an extremely popular selling point when it comes time to put your property on the market. And seeing as they require only the smallest amount of maintenance, if your family is keen to decrease its carbon footprint by using green, clean energy that is both never-ending and free, now’s the time!

An undeniably persuasive reason that convinces homeowners to install solar panels is the amount of generous government subsidies that, over time, will help to cut your initial start-up expenses. To encourage the expansion of sustainable energy sources within neighborhoods from state to state, substantial tax credits and rebates have become an established component of the installation process. All over the US, many families are readily adopting solar panel power into their day-to-day lives, and PA subsidies and incentives can be viewed here. The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) states that “Pennsylvania is one of the top ten states in the nation for installed solar power capacity… Through the state’s $100 million Sunshine Solar rebate program, homeowners and small businesses have been earning rebates for installing solar electric and solar hot water systems.”2

With many solar panel systems, a power outage will not affect your own home since you will already have a “buffer supply of energy” saved up for your own personal use. And with a lifespan lasting 35 to 40 years, just think of the money you will save from greatly reduced utility bills. If you like thinking of yourself as an eco-friendly person who chooses to use green cleaning products and recycling their trash, you will be glad to know that solar panels are the next best step for the green-minded who are interested in renewable sources of power of your very own, especially with zero emissions!

If you are a homeowner or business owner who has taken the environmentally conscious step of installing solar panels all over property, you will eventually need to wash them. offers solar panel cleaning products that are perfect for both commercial and residential use, and we also sell anti-theft security fastener devices. For more information, please visit us online at Heliotex or 800-280-6976 today.


Do you have Solar panels, if not would you like to have them?

Friday Faves; It Won’t Stop Raining

It’s Friday and nothing has changed here still rainy as ever.  Today was the first in three days that we had a break long enough to go outside for a few minutes, although I barely got through the doorway when it started to sprinkle again.  I’d had enough of being stuck indoors and sat in the rain for a while till it started to really come down again.


We are expecting a break for two days the beginning of the week, then it’s back to more rain for the rest of the week.  I have completely cleaned every nook and cranny of my house, not sure what I will do with another week of rain. Any ideas for me?

There was good news this week. We have all new management of the apartment building.  I met with the manager and found she and I have a lot in common. Before she took the position here she informed the owner he needed to make some improvement and upgrade the apartments.  So remember that ugly carpet in our main hall, the one held together with tape?  It’s going to be out of here real soon.

free tv stand

In addition all the apartments will get upgrades. I’ve put in a request for an ADA kitchen which sounds like it will come through.  (ADA basically means handicap accessible.  My kitchen will have lower counter area for meal prep and the sink as well will be lower so I can do dishes from a seated position.)

That was my good news for the week, how about some Friday Faves?

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Sharing is Good

Building on to the subject from Tuesday’s post today I want to discuss community and how building a sharing community where you live will make your life better, or why the ownership mentality is hurting us.

Children were encouraged to develop strict discipline and a high regard for sharing. When a girl picked her first berries and dug her first roots, they were given away to an elder so she would share her future success. When a child carried water for the home, an elder would give compliments, pretending to taste meat in water carried by a boy or berries in that of a girl. The child was encouraged not to be lazy and to grow straight like a sapling. ~~

Mourning Dove Salish

I learn a lot from the students attending the local university and this past week a discussion I had with one particular student aligned so closely with what I learned from Native American people that I couldn’t help but think we, as a society as a whole,  are on the right path…finally.    He commented on ownership being the destruction of our innate and natural tendencies.

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Change the World Wednesday: Multiple Choice

Hi everyone, this is a bit late as we’ve had power outages due to high winds and heavy rain since yesterday.  Once the power was back on my internet was still out.  So I’m now back and hoping no more interruptions until I finish writing this.

The past week has brought quite a few changes to my life, all positive.  ;-)  First, I finally got up the nerve to try oil pulling.  I bought a jar of raw coconut oil nearly three weeks ago but the idea of oil in my mouth sounded so gross.  I was quite surprised by the sweetness and have been consistently practicing oil pulling now for a week.  I started because I have battled with gingivitis since my late teens.  What I didn’t expect was the difference in the rest of my body.  I have been waking earlier, needing less sleep, and not finding myself tired mid day.   I have had tons of energy each day as well.  At first I thought it might be related to the lovely sun we were having but it’s been raining for a couple of days and my mood and energy levels are still improving, definitely not normal for me on those dull rainy days.

The next benefit was truly shocking.  With my Muscular Dystrophy I suffer from tightness in my muscles and tendons.  The tightness is reduced and without changing anything else in diet or activity I am moving better which has me super excited.  The other symptom associated with my lack of mobility involves swelling of the extremities, namely my feet, ankles and fingers.   It used to be that a good nights sleep would take care of the problem but for the last year or so the swelling doesn’t seem to totally diminish during the night and I had to resort to removing my rings.  By the second day of oil pulling my edema (swelling) was greatly reduced, and has continued since to the point that my feet and ankles look normal all day and I’ve been able to put my rings back on.

Wendy did a fantastic job explaining oil pulling if you are interested in trying it check out this post to learn how.

This week is also the annual Food Revolution Summit featuring some of the most renowned people in the health movement.  Listening to these interviews has brought me back to where I started and helped me to realign my diet with what I knew was best for me.  As a result I have removed the butter, eggs and any hidden sugars (such as in bread) from my diet.  Combined with the oil pulling I look forward to even bigger results in my health.  Today’s interviews were with Dr. Neal Barnard, Nutritionist Brenda Davis, and T. Colin Campbell author of the China Study.  If you want to listen to any (or all) of these interviews or those coming over the next few days just click the link above.


There is also good news about my home but I’ll save that for another day. :-)  Now it’s time for this week’s challenge from Reduce Footprints. This challenge has some thing for everyone.

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Changing Perspective and a Giveaway

Yesterday I shared with you some good news from around the world and while I try to keep things positive there comes a time when reality must sink in.  Burying our heads in the sand won’t change things.  Facing the problems head on and making plans to get through the rough times will do more for us and our families.

My daffodils are nearly ready to open!

My daffodils are nearly ready to open!

Let me give you and overview of the situation as I see it along with possible solutions that may work for you and your family.  Finally, if the news depresses you I have a give away today which will help you keep a positive attitude in the face of our changing times.

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Good News Monday

How was your weekend? It was a bit chilly here, but I’m not going to complain as the temperatures are at least moving in the right direction for this time of year.  I keep checking the daffodils, today we finally spotted the buds so hopefully in a few days we will have our first flowers of the year in the field.    The chilly hours have given me time to work on a few baby projects for the new grandson expected in August.  One project finished a few more to go. :-)


How about some good news to start the week?

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